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Seasonal vibes!

I am using 4 different BIJ notebooks this year for my journaling - one for each season! I'm using the Tropical Vibes right now and it's perfect. The notebook is just the right size and hardly weighs anything so I can put it in my handbag or overnight bag when I am travelling.

I love the texture of the paper, the instructions how to plant when I am finished and the beautiful sustainable packaging it arrived in was a delight too! Being able to reuse packaging is important to me and this little bag will be very handy indeed!

Great product from a beautiful, thoughtful business.

BĪJ Note Cards
Jason Chang


MY CUP Bamboo Love - Reusable Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup
Hanif Hasan
Perfect gifts

Totally love how sleek looking design the cup is!

small everyday items with big message :)

The best sustainable notebooks i ever found! It is truly an excellent note-taking solution..Major love for Left-handesign

BĪJ Mini Colour Pencils
Azura Chumat (SG)
Love the pencil colors and not producing trash as a result of it!

Probably one of the best purchase i've done this year!

Very cute design and idea!

I bought this notebook for a birthday gift, and it has a cute design! My friend loved it

MY CUP Tropicana - Reusable Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup
Celia (SG)
Recommend to anyone!

Design is beautiful, the mug is very light so easy to carry around, and great to know that it's not made of the usual plastic! 100% worth it

MY CUP Bamboo Love - Reusable Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup
Alvin (SG)
Many thanks

great cup design and environmental focus on material usage!

BĪJ Pens - Mustard
Misae Furugori (SG)
Lovely products

Bought some notepads and pens/pencils to give as Christmas gifts. They are very pretty and tactile and with the added bonus that they turn into a plant when you’ve finished with them! Highly recommended.

MY CUP Tropicana - Reusable Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup
Perfect! Lightweight!

I have been looking for ages for a lightweight coffee mug and this is perfect! I carry it around with me easily and have saved a lot of cups since. Love it!