The 100% natural and organic coco coir pots are an excellent start for your indoor garden and also a great alternative to plastic. Made from good quality coconut fibers our pots are environmentally safe and sustainable. Perfect for seedlings and plant germination the coco coir gardening pots can make your gardening dream come true.

Once transplanted to ground or just use them as it is, the biodegradable coir fibers break down with time without causing any root disturbance. Coir husk fibers have excellent water holding capacity which aid in maintaining moisture and allows for stronger plant growth. With properties like mold resistance, promoted aeration and encouraged root growth through the pot walls, these coir nursery pots are a value for money.


Coco peat is packed into discs for use as a seed starting medium. This soilless medium supports healthy root growth while retaining moisture, draining well, and providing good air circulation. Start seeds indoors or out, and place directly into the ground when seedlings are ready. These pots contain coir and potting soil which are the peat. Just add your seeds, a little water, and bam! – they grow into 2-inch pots.

Size: H 8 cm x W 5 cm

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