Australia's #1 Plantable Stationery


Write. Plant. Love. Grow into herbs


Left-handesign is a Certified B Corp™ - meaning we are a company that uses business as a force for good.


How It Works

Step 1 - Write

Too short to use or ink ran out?
It's time to Plant your Pencil or Pen

Step 2 - Plant

Gently press the pencil sideward into the soil, making sure the capsule is immersed

Step 3 - Love

Add a little water and place it
near the sunlight

Step 4 - Grow

Shower your plant with love
and watch it grow

437,710 grams of waste reduced by using our BĪJ Pens and Pencils

Eco-friendly stationery that blooms into life after use!

After you use your BĪJ Pen it grows into herbs, this one is morning glory.
How beautiful it is to give a new life to your stationery instead of reducing it to the landfill.

BĪJ PENS - Morning Glory - left-handesign®


BĪJ PENS - Morning Glory - left-handesign®



As seen in

Your Contribution with Every Purchase

Environmental Stewardship:

🌿 We proudly contribute 2% of our sales to support essential projects such as 1% for the Planet and Carbon Positive Australia. These organizations are dedicated to preserving our planet's delicate ecosystems and combating climate change.

Social Responsibility:

🐾 In our pursuit of social responsibility, we have undertaken sponsorship of Koko through Seeing Dogs Australia. Koko is on a journey to become a guiding companion for individuals with low vision or blindness, providing them with the care and assistance they deserve.

We Donate, You Decide:

Designed to Give is a big pillar at left-handesign. Give back, drive growth, create change. We give back $1 from every purchase.

restore the Reef - Secure our Reef’s future
empower women - Support her independence
restore dignity & hope - Give the gift of clothing
2% of the Sales is donated towards purpose driven projects!
Plantable stationery brand Left-handesign gives office staples a green makeover
'How Radhika Mayani’s Left-handesign is making stationery plantable, one country at a time'
'Most Innovative Sustainable Everyday Product Brand 2023' - Singapore
'Radhika Mayani: A Creative & Innovative Leader boosting the Eco-friendly products industry'
'Top 50 small business leaders Australia 2023 - Radhika Mayani
Left-handesign - SINGAPORE SME 500 Award winner 2022


Ethical and sustainable production processes

We've traveled the world to find the highest quality sustainably produced raw materials and chose to work with suppliers with certifications like ISO, FSC, SEDEX. All the materials we use are carefully selected and come from ethically, socially and environmentally responsible suppliers.

A note from our Founder

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