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'Use' and 'Grow' instead of 'Use' and 'Throw'


Consider how many gifts we give to family and friends. Every gift we give conveys warm wishes to the people we love. However, what happens to the tags? Once we tear up the gift, we throw it in the trash.

We bring you plantable and biodegradable handmade paper Gift Tags that make an eco-friendly gift. You can plant the entire gift tag, and give it life after its use. They are printed in water-soluble eco-friendly inks. Choose from Chili, Tomato or Basil herbs. To plant the paper, follow the instructions available on the website.

Those seeking to make a more sustainable future may gift these as gifts or use them for corporate purposes.

Get your hands dirty, but for something good!

Plantable paper is biodegradable eco-paper made with post-consumer and post-industrial paper waste that is embedded with seeds. This paper composts away when it's planted in soil and nourished by seeds. (No trees were harmed for this paper!)

Make the Switch with us by choosing our products which are gentle on the planet!

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