left-handesign® is Singapore's 1st Plantable sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand playfully designed with light & love.

Our mission is to put Nature back into people’s lives. When our products come to the end of life, you give a new life by planting them.
Under left-handesign we design all our ‘Plantable Series’ called BĪJ a Sanskrit word that means Seed. Our range of products includes Pencils,
Pens, Notebooks, and other paper products which are seeded with herb like Tomato, Chili, Marigold, Basil, Spinach,
Morning glory, Mustard in all 13 seeds making it biodegradable, creating zero waste.

 Our collections are inspired by simple joys of travel, art, nature, food, impressions as seen in day to day life. The idea is to bridge the gap
between the products we use, especially stationery in a more sustainable way. Creating a brand with 'nature' focus is the main mission.

We are constantly evolving and as we continue to grow and develop more products under the left-handesign brand, we look forward
to expanding the breadth and depth of our product line. 
Image: Seoul International Handmade Fair 2019

As the core of the brand is creating unique sustainable product ranges for gifting, we do creatively collaborate
with other businesses to support each other.

left-handesign, founded with a simple mission; put Nature back into peoples' lives. Through our "PLANT A TREE IN YOUR NAME*”
Program, we plant a tree for EVERY purchase. To know more read here! *Min spend of 30 SGD

 Follow our journey ♡

We are a Social Enterprise & trademark registered company in Singapore.

About our Founder - RADHIKA MAYANI 

Image: Seoul International Handmade Fair 2019


As a founder and creative director, Radhika’s journey of creativity inspired by simple joys is left-handesign’s unique aesthetic. 
A degree in Visual Arts and a 14-year career in advertising and hospitality that took her around the world,
currently Singapore is home. left-handesign was founded in Singapore 2017.

She believes that creativity is an imaginative world which turns into reality in the form of a brand, product, service,
and the possibilities are limitless. An explorer, traveling the world with her beloved husband, a die-hard foodie,
and an eccentric interested in anything that captivates the soul. An ardent Nature lover she draws inspiration from,
to design the product range. Her balcony boasts of exotic flowers and leaves which she keeps growing!

As a Creative Director, Radhika designs left-handesign’s collection as well as oversees the creative direction of the brand
including product development, business strategy, and marketing.

9 products

9 products