Making a difference, one desk at a time

What We Stand For

left-handesign® is Singapore's 1st Plantable sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand playfully designed with light & love. We are now present in Australia.
We produce and market eco-friendly, sustainable products helping people adopt a greener living. As a trusted stationery brand, we aim to provide transparency for all our users, be accountable for our actions and be committed to preservation. It is all about helping make the world a better place, by providing the right tools and knowledge to help us make better consumption decisions. We have started the movement of 'Use' and 'Grow' instead of 'Use' and 'Throw' your stationery!
We believe that we can make a difference in the actions we take now that can help create a better life on land and below water, by tackling plastic consumption, restoring natural terrestrial ecosystems and by minimising waste.
Make the Switch with us by choosing our products which are gentle on the planet!

Why did we start this company?

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