LEFT-HANDESIGN, founded with a simple mission; put nature back into peoples' lives. 
    Through our "PLANT A TREE IN YOUR NAME*." Program, we plant a tree for EVERY purchase. Along with every purchase
    you'll find a link to learn more about your tree, it’s location, and the impact you're having on our planet.

    By purchasing a LEFT-HANDESIGN product, we plant a TREE in your NAME and you become a part of a community
    reforesting the world. We have partnered with Grow Trees a social enterprise affiliated with the United Nation's Environment
    Program's Billion Tree Campaign and WWF's Cities for Forests Campaign have acknowledged them as an Official Partner.

    Thank you for your support by 2025 we aim to Plant 20,000 Trees and be part of the reforestation.
    Click on the 'Locate Tree' enter your Tree number to view the location of your tree.
    "Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” 

     Warren Buffett

    19 products

    19 products

    All deliveries are carbon neutral
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