Who Made my Paper?

Who Made my Paper? - left-handesign®

Process Series #1

All our paper products are Plantable like BĪJ Notebooks, BĪJ Gift Tags and stay tuned for new launches in this year!!!

Like Fashion, in any business an essential aspect is to be transparent about the people who work behind the scenes who make it happen and to show how the products are being made. Who made my paper? In this video you will watch how the Plantable paper is being #Handmade out of pulp and then seeds are compressed in them.

Being #Sustainable is a conscious choice & it's here to stay 🌱💚 We work with @evolvefoundation a Social Enterprise in #India to support farmers with skills to do farming, women get employment and children get education.

Follow our journey as we will keep sharing short videos every now and then 💚
@left_handesign to know more...


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