Real customer stories, why it matter to us to improve our product and services

Real customer stories, why it matter to us to improve our product and services - left-handesign®

Azura Chumat wrote a Review about BĪJ MINI COLOUR PENCILS:

"Love the pencil colors and not producing trash as a result of it!"
Probably one of the best purchase i've done this year!

Misae Furugori wrote a Review about BĪJ Pens - Mustard

"Lovely products"
Bought some notepads and pens/pencils to give as Christmas gifts. They are very pretty and tactile and with the added bonus that they turn into a plant when you’ve finished with them! Highly recommended.

Ratri M wrote a Review about  BĪJ NOTEBOOK - BIRDS OF PARADISE:

"Small everyday items with big message :)"
The best sustainable notebooks i ever found! It is truly an excellent note-taking solution..Major love for Left-handesign

The importance of customer reviews specifically for Left-handesign, considering its unique nature as a purveyor of sustainable, plantable stationery, enhances the relevance:Authenticity in Sustainability:
Reviews from real customers validate your commitment to sustainability and the environment. When customers share their experiences about how your plantable stationery grows into plants, it tangibly demonstrates the eco-friendly impact of your products.

Building a Community:
For a brand like Left-handesign, which is deeply rooted in the concepts of sustainability and circular economy, reviews help in building a community of like-minded individuals. Customer stories and experiences can foster a sense of belonging among customers who share similar values.

Trust and Reliability:
As a small business introducing innovative products like plantable stationery, customer reviews act as a testament to the quality and reliability of your offerings. Positive feedback from real users can significantly boost the confidence of potential buyers.

Differentiation in the Market:
In the competitive stationery market, unique features such as being plantable and eco-friendly set Left-handesign apart. Customer reviews highlighting these aspects can help differentiate your products from conventional stationery items.

Enhancing Product Development:
Feedback from reviews can guide you in refining your products and services. Understanding how customers use your stationery, what plants they grow, and their overall experience with the product lifecycle provides invaluable insights for future development.

Personal Touch and Storytelling:
Customer reviews often include personal stories and creative ways your stationery has been used or gifted. These stories add a personal touch to your brand, making it more relatable and engaging to your audience.

Local and Global Impact:
As a business that has roots in Singapore and is now expanding in Australia, customer reviews can highlight how your products appeal to and impact diverse cultural contexts. This can be particularly relevant in showcasing your brand's global appeal and local resonance.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty:
Responding to customer reviews, particularly in a niche market, demonstrates that you value customer feedback and are committed to maintaining high standards. This engagement can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.


In summary, for Left-handesign, customer reviews are not just endorsements of product quality; they are powerful narratives that underline your brand’s ethos of sustainability, innovation, and community-building. They serve as a bridge connecting potential customers with the real-world impact and creative possibilities of your unique plantable stationery.


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