A Creative & Innovative Leader Boosting the Eco-friendly products industry

A Creative & Innovative Leader Boosting the Eco-friendly products industry - left-handesign®

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Now that the growing consumer awareness about the drawbacks of using single-use and non-degradable plastic products has elevated the eco-friendly environment concerns, many eco-friendly product manufacturers have surfaced in the market. Moreover, the Green Technology and Sustainability market is projected to grow from $13.76 billion in 2022 to $51.09 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 20.6 percent.

Radhika Mayani, (Founder, LEFT-HANDESIGN) is consciously contributing to the eco-friendly product market through her company LEFT-HANDESIGN-Singapore's first Plantable sustainable stationery and lifestyle brand playfully designed with light & love. A very committed and creative thinker, Radhika is passionate about product innovation with an adaptability factor. Radhika Mayani engages in an exclusive interaction with WE Magazine, here’s the highlight.

Take us through your early educational journey and the prior industry experience that you bring to the table.
I am a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts from M.S. University of Baroda with a specialization in Applied Arts. I began my career in advertising. My experience in the advertising and hospitality industry spans more than a decade, working on brands that sell directly to consumers and demonstrating skills such as art direction, print campaigns, marketing ideas for promoting hotels, product design, and creating hotel brand identities.

I'm proud to say that my hard work has paid off as I've been able to take my creative skillsets and apply them across Southeast Asia (SEA). With projects ranging from visual identity for hotels to product design for hotels and even marketing ideas for promoting hotels, I've been able to demonstrate an ability to create solutions that are both visually stunning and functional and they work. In addition to these skillsets, I also bring my expertise in stationery design to the table. While working on several corporate identity projects over the years, I've noticed, my passion is to create meaningful brands with a purpose. So why not combine those two things stationery and nature? That's how LEFT-HANDESIGN happened.

"First and foremost, believe in yourself and your abilities. Confidence is key to success. Seek mentors. Build a strong network. Emphasize continuous learning to stay relevant. Embrace failure as it’s a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey. Be resilient and advocate for yourself"

What motivated you to establish LEFT-HANDESIGN? Tell us about the underlying idea behind the venture and its key areas of specialization.
Working in the hospitality industry is an eye-opening experience. The plastic and waste problem is a huge issue inside operations. By combining all our experiences over the years, we created a product line to solve the waste problem. Being an ardent nature and stationery lover, I explored ways to use both to start my brand and LEFT-HANDESIGN came into being in 2017. Our main goal is to put nature back into people’s lives. Creating a zero-waste stationery brand with designs inspired by the beauty of nature, we give you an eco-friendly alternative for your everyday writing needs. So once you finish using our stationery you give it a new life by planting them into many herbs. How to ‘Use and Grow’ instead of ‘Use and Throw’ is the mindset shift that needs to be inculcated in our behaviors. Our products are designed for everyone who wants to be part of an eco-friendly movement toward a more sustainable future and save Mother Earth from pollution and destruction caused by excessive consumption of plastic.

We believe that when we create products that are not only gorgeous but also functional and affordable, everyone can join us on this journey. Together we can make a difference!

Tell us about the various responsibilities you shoulder as the Founder of LEFT-HANDESIGN.
As the Founder of LEFT-HANDESIGN, I am responsible for everything from marketing and customer service to product development and financial management. My priorities for driving growth for the brand include ensuring that our product line is constantly improving and expanding so that people can always find something new and exciting when they visit our site. We also focus on driving growth for the brand by finding new ways to reach customers and help them use our products more effectively. In the process, I also keep a close eye on how the circular economy industry is changing so that we can stay relevant, thinking about what's best for our customers.

Throw light on the most critical challenges you encounter as an entrepreneur in Singapore. What strategies do you leverage to overcome the roadblocks?
Some of the most significant challenges that entrepreneurs face in Singapore include, the high cost of living and business, there’s the limited domestic market, intense competition, and a shortage of skilled workers. In conclusion, while Singapore offers many advantages to entrepreneurs, with a favorable business environment and robust infrastructure, it also poses significant challenges that entrepreneurs must overcome by adopting the right strategies such as leveraging technology, building a strong network, focusing on niche markets, emphasizing innovation, and partnering with government agencies .

Tell us about some of the key milestones you have achieved throughout your professional journey. What has been your success mantra?
Sure. They include-building a successful business from scratch, developing a strong brand identity and reputation through effective marketing & communications strategies, overcoming the COVID crisis, expanding the business entering new markets successfully, winning major industry awards like the SME 500 Award Singapore, APAC Insider ‘Most Innovative Sustainable Everyday Product Brand 2023’ recognition for innovation, leadership awards, giving off one percent of our sales towards one percent of the Planet & chosen charities, and contributing to the industry through thought leadership, collaborations, and advocacy of our sustainable products.

As for the mantra for success as a business leader, there are many different approaches and philosophies that I go by like visionary thinking, courage and resilience, people skills, continuous learning, focus & discipline, and ethical & responsible leadership. Overall, there is no single formula for success as a business leader, and different leaders may prioritize different qualities or milestones depending on their goals and values.

Radhika Mayani, Founder, Left- Handesign
With around two decades of diverse professional experience, she is a creative and innovative thinker, spearheading an impact-driven business LEFT-HANDESIGN.

 • Awards & Recognitions: Entrepreneur 100 Award 2022 by Association of Trade & Commerce Singapore
 • A business leader you admire: Mark Cuban

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