At BioPak, we are acutely aware that everything we make has an impact on the planet. Our goal is to assess and mitigate the negative social and environmental impacts of our products. That’s why we are committed to work towards achieving complete supply chain transparency and to ensure our products are manufactured under ethical working conditions.

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    Our supply chain footprint

    Supply chain transparency requires companies to know what is happening upstream in the supply chain and to communicate this knowledge both internally and externally.

    Like most packaging brands, we don’t manufacture our products ourselves. We partner with specialised manufacturers and work closely with them to meet the highest environmental and social standards in the industry. BioPak works with approximately 2 manufacturing partners, mainly located in India. In turn, each manufacturer works with raw material suppliers.

    Our Ethical Supply Chain Program

    In 2022, BioPak hired an Environment and Sustainability manager with a background in supply chain management to build our social responsibility program. Our goal is to understand and evaluate the social and environmental impact our business has on the communities in our supply chain. This has allowed us to dig deep into our supply chain to improve on raw materials and products traceability, as well as identify potential risks. We have a stringent supplier selection process which includes a supplier scorecard system and code of conduct to ensure our process is rigorous and standardised. In 2019, we have started our own Ethical Audit Program, in collaboration with our parent company, Duni Group. This program is specifically designed to address and mitigate the risks associated with our supply chain.

    Award-winning partners

    We have long-term business relationships with the vast majority of our manufacturers, which gives us high levels of trust and commitment in regards to ethical standards. Many of our partners are spearheading environmental practices in manufacturing in their own region. Our clear cup and bowl manufacturing partner has won the Taiwan government's energy performance award twice and has been awarded the Green Mark purchasing award by the Environmental Protection Agency every year for the last seven years (since 2013). Our paper cup partner is now planning to install solar panels that would cover 10% of their energy requirements. In addition, ten out of our seventeen manufacturing partners are certified to Environmental Accreditation ISO 14000 and the rest are working on achieving certification. We hold our suppliers to stringent standards and work with them.

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