1 of the 10 Crazy but Cool Inventions

1 of the 10 Crazy but Cool Inventions - left-handesign®

When it comes to news about the climate crisis, it can feel overwhelmingly negative. But the latest IPCC report has made it clear – we still have time. And actually, change can happen fast if we really want it to. Here are some crazy but cool inventions providing a glimmer of hope during these unprecedented times.

Our environment is going to sh*t; global temperatures are increasing, natural resources are depleting, in 2021 we’ve experienced intense floods, fires, hurricanes and an ongoing pandemic (is someone trying to tell us something?). We’ve all seen the headlines, and when it comes to reporting the climate crisis, it’s difficult to avoid an impending sense of doom. 

But there is hope. Project Drawdown’s latest report identified that we already have no fewer than 76 solutions at our fingertips to solve the climate crisis. We know exactly what needs to be done, and we have the technology and nous to do it. And there are lots of excellent humans out there doing amazing things already (case in point: check out our Green Warriors). But if further inspiration is required, here are our favourite crazy but cool inventions out there which might just help save our planet.

Source: Green is The New Black

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