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The material of our products is made of natural plant fiber, such as bamboo powder, rice hulls and crop stalks. This novel biodegradable cup is made by advance production technology.

The raw materials of Bamboo Fiber do not con- tain any metal, plastic ingredients, no talc powder, bleach and other chemical compo- nents, safety and environmental protection. It is dishwasher safe, non-stick, and easy to clean.

Eco-friendly bamboo fiber products has been passed through FDA and LFGB certificate.


Biodegradable, Reusable, Compostable, non-fragile, dishwasher safe but microwave unsafe.

For the quality requirement, we have passed the testing of EU food test and dishwasher testing conducted by SGS, also we can provide biode- gradable testing report for your reference. 

Here's a list of all cafes in Singapore to avail discounts when your bring your own CUP!!!


Zero Waste SG started the Bring Your Own (BYO) Singapore movement in 2017 where retailers offered incentives to customers who bring their own reusable bags, bottles or containers. The campaign involved 430 retail outlets and reduced over 2.5 million pieces of plastic disposables! This year, the campaign features retailers, businesses and organisations who are Supporters of BYO Singapore. They encourage customers to bring their own reusable and/or refuse single-use disposables. Their efforts include incentives, disincentives or active customer education and engagement.

Find out more about our Supporters below and start to BYO now!

Extra Perks!
Be rewarded with cash discounts for bringing your own at these cafes & restaurants: (credits to @byosingapore for most part of this list)

The Bettr Coffee Bar - $0.30 off
Carrotstickandcravings - $1 off
The Coffee Academics - $0.30 off
Coffee Tea Bean and Leaf - $0.50 off
Common Man Coffee - 10% off
The Exchange - $0.50 off
FoodforThought - $0.50 off
FoodforTots - $0.50 off
Foreforward - 10% off
Forty Hands Cafe -10% off
Joe and Dough - $0.50 off
Jones the Grocer - $0.50 off
Kraftwich - $0.50 off
The Lokal - $1 off
The Matcha Project - $0.50 off
Mr Bean - $0.10
Nylon Roosters - $0.30 off
Pastamania - $0.50 off
Plain Vanilla Bakery - $0.50 off
Raintree Bakery House - $0.20 off
Soda Cafe sg - $0.50 off
Starbucks Sg - $0.50 off
Squeezed! - $1 off
Toast Box - $0.10 discount
VERDURE CAFÉ - $0.50 off
Welldressedsalad bar -$0.50 – $1 off
Woobbee - $0.30 off .
* Each of the above cafes & restaurant has their own terms & conditions. Be sure to check their website or at the shops.

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