Messy bun & getting stuff done 🙌🏼 Click till we get the prettiest shot 📷

Flatlays are a complete #Revolution on how the products should look, some behind the scenes at @left_handesign where we are trying to perfect using textures, colours, props 🙋‍♀️ There are so many aspects of getting the 'shot'. Coming from an advertising background, photography came naturally but yes getting the light, using the right camera and lens becomes a subject to study.

Creativity never goes out of style. So if you are a beginner using an iPhone is an easy option as you can tweak the angles as you like and the flexibility is more.

And of course there are tons of pretty looking Instagram accounts to follow, most important I would like to say its okay to follow and take inspiration but its not okay to copy. Be original and let other be inspired by you :)

Hope you enjoyed reading our first blog admist lots of other things coming up.