Being able to create the products and collections for left-handesign, something I always wanted to do. Sourcing materials, designing the collections, identifying what products to create which makes it a unique gifting option.

At left-handesign we focus a lot on the quality. It's simple if 'I don't buy I will not sell it'. 

Gifting is an experince which tends to be overlooked in our busy lives. Making someone ‘feel special’ is our company’s motive. A small gesture can enlighten anyone’s mood. The connection gets stronger which creates lifelong memories. “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill.

There is a fine line between Quality or Price. If it's too expensive its percieved up-market, for the rich and so on. But if it's cheap it's percieved as the quality would be crap and not long lasting. A constant battle for the entreprenuers who are creating unique products. Creating a niche is the key to any business and understanding that makes it slight easier.

Hope it's an interesting topic and would love to hear your inputs..

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